Clothing Alterations


Do you happen to have a hem that is way too long or a garment that fits loose? No need to wait any longer, along with offering custom designs Norvelus also provides fine tailoring and alterations.


Here’s what we can do:

  • Shorten pant and dress hems 

  • Adjust shoulder straps 

  • Take in or let out various areas 

  • Replace missing buttons and broken zippers.

  • Mend rips and tears 

Review our Alterations Price List for our complete list of services and schedule an appointment with us today.





Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or special event, every detail counts on important days such as these. Looking and feeling your best is key to making cherished memories. To make certain things go according as planned, turn to us for your formal alteration needs. We provide alteration services for everyone, not only the bride but the entire wedding party. For the groom and his groomsmen suit alterations are available. Whether you need our services for a wedding or a bar mitzvah we can design a custom fit for you. 

How To Prepare For Fittings:
Schedule an appointment by filling out our CONTACT form. Make sure you bring everything you plan to wear on the big day when you come to see us: gown, shoes, undergarments, and accessories (such as belts & etc.). This lets us handle all the details of ensuring a proper fit and length for your garment. If you don’t have the perfect shoes in mind yet, any other shoe similar in height will work to achieve a proper fit.

Review our Alterations Price List for our complete list of services and schedule an appointment with us today.