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Inside Our Story

Long before NORVELUS was established the intention behind the brand surfaced while I, Ginette Norvelus, was in school studying fashion design. In fashion school before working on a collection or design we were instructed to create a mood board. In case you didn't know, a mood board is a visual presentation or collage that communicates your concepts and/or visual ideas. A mood board can be based on a set topic or any material chosen at random.

When it came time to work on a new collection I always felt stumped. In the beginning of my design journey I was unaware of what I wanted to communicate. Whether an artist is inspired by fabrics, current news, music, public figures and so on. Sooner or later that artist must learn to develop a set of principles underlying and guiding their work; an aesthetic.

During my time away in college my life took a complete one-eighty. There, I came across the gospel and finally heard the good news of Jesus Christ. I say finally because up until that point I had been in church all my life, rarely missed a Sunday and I was very active in my local youth ministry. Yet, I was still unaware of what Jesus accomplished for me. It was my freshman year of college that I surrendered my life to Christ.

Everything that I did, I wanted it to be done for His glory. For the first time ever I was implementing spiritual disciplines into my life, such as prayer, fasting and reading my bible daily. I eventually came across this verse "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31). I was stunned to think that my designs, my art and my creations could be used to give God glory. That the very work of my hands were purposed to honor the Lord.

Now you may be thinking that I took this verse too literal but this was how it came alive to me. After receiving this revelation I recall my next collection being inspired by Jesus. In the New Testament Jesus referred to himself as the Good Shepherd. So my mood board consisted of images of shepherds, the clothing they commonly wore, their shoes, and even accessories or tools that they might have used. At last, I was able to create a collection that presented what I was truly stirred by...Jesus. From then on I've created designs inspired by the Holy Spirit, church buildings, revival and currently prayer (which I’m so excited to share soon on).

Though I draw on many sources of inspiration, one thing remains consistent. The infallible word of God is fundamental in each design. NORVELUS exists to honor the Lord. A brand where the beauty of fashion and the Bible intersects. Our desire is to influence an industry of people to connect their art with their beliefs, all for the glory of God.

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